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Silke is an amazing teacher, I started talking German starting from the first lesson. She is very prepared, takes notes during the lessons and puts them in a platform so that I can always login and look. After every lesson she gives homework and this improves me a lot. I have already done 10 lessons and now I have booked 20 more. Very happy to learn German with Silke! Sebnem, Istanbul



Silke is a very professional German language teacher. She has an effective methodology and tailors each lesson to the needs of a student. Moreover, she prepares entertaining and useful topics that help to enrich one’s vocabulary and improve one’s grammar. I really enjoy every single lesson and definitely recommend Silke as the number one German language teacher. Liudmila, Vilnius



Matheus really enjoyed the session. He said he had never spoken so much German in all the years he went to German school in his Saturday morning sessions. He is now 16 and has taken German language since he started in Grade 1 (since he was 6 years old). We are looking forward to many more sessions together. Thank you so very much Silke. Samantha, Oakville



Studying with Silke is comfortable; lessons are very practical and efficient. She understands my strengths and weaknesses and adjusts lessons to this inputs as well as to my needs. Lessons and homework include all kinds of practice: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Thanks! Sergey, Kiev



Silke presents a very convenient and personalized approach for German learners. Xia, China

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